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The driving force behind the start of the Company BSM, Brilliant Solution Management is the Founder and Managing Director, Dr. Shantha Maria James, with a rich experience of about 35 years in Educational field. She is a proud recipient of the National Educational award , from the President of India in the year 2012, for her contribution in the field of education. She was the honorary Chairman for the 136 CBSE Indian schools in the Gulf, in the year 2013. She has around forty awards and appreciations to her credit.

She is a multi-faceted, dynamic personality who played different roles in the education sector right from being a Teacher, Trainer, Counselor, Mentor, Coach, Advisor, Consultant, Principal, Administrator, Chairman, and so on. She was nominated and sponsored as a Rotary scholar in the year 2001 to USA. After that, she travelled to many countries to study, train and understand different curriculum and models of Education.

In India, she has been instrument in developing three schools from its inception as the Principal and Administrator, supported two startup schools in Kuwait as a Mentor and Consultant. She has been nominated by CBSE in the Inspection committee and conducted several school inspections for CBSE affiliation and approval both in Gulf countries and in India.

She has conducted several Seminars, workshops, trainings, webinars and appeared on TV and radio shows. She is a regular keynote speaker at various platforms. Being a Distinguished Toastmaster from TMI, USA and holding high positions in District 20, she was instrument in opening four TM clubs and two gavels club for professionals and the community. She holds several prestigious positions in the community through which she serves the people around her and derives happiness.

She explored all levels of Education right from kindergarten to University. Being in the field, she had the opportunity to observe the areas which lacked guidance, required more attention and empowerment, which would be a challenge in the scope of a regular campus scenario. She realized, to meet these challenges, time available inside a campus working hours was not sufficient, but requires devotion, drive and passion to take it to a greater platform.

Hence, the idea was born to dedicate, serve and support all possible areas which is essential for individuals and organizations growth in education, related health aspects and community growth. Here emerged, Brilliant Solution Management, (BSM) a one stop window Solution.

God Bless BSM. With Best Wishes

Dr.Shantha Maria James Received Best Teacher Award by President of India CEO

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